Board of Directors

Richmond Society for Community Living is governed by a Board of Directors with the primary responsibility to establish the direction of the organization, in accordance with the needs of the community and expectations of the group it serves. The Board meets regularly to examine RSCL’s current programs and services to ensure that they are consistent with our Mission Statement and that its objectives are achieved.

Richmond Society for Community Living is looking for new members for the Board of Directors. We are specifically looking for people with a financial or legal background, but all interested candidates are welcome! We are also looking for people to be involved in the Finance committee and the Fundraising committee. Some of the benefits of being a board member are:

  • Opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause
  • Opportunity to help set the direction for the agency
  • Opportunity to work with a committed group of people developing and maintaining high quality service for people with a developmental disability and their families in the Richmond community.

Please contact Janice Barr at 604-279-7043 if you are interested.

RSCL Board of Directors – 2016-2017

Melanie Arnis
Lorraine Shikaze
Sally Martin
Rosemary Love
Jim Thomson
Ellen Faustman
Karen Robson
Mac McCallum
Sanjeet Rana
Cindy McPherson
Eve Minuk
Sharon To
Coulson Hoogveld