Executive Director, Janice Barr

With a vision to deliver programs and services that are responsive to the needs of the individuals supported and to their families, Janice is most proud of how RSCL is constantly looking for opportunities to do things better.  She and her team are committed to being relevant and connected to the Richmond community.

Since the early 1980s, Janice has been instrumental in the evolution of community living in B.C.  While completing her degree in social work at the University of Victoria, she worked summer jobs at Woodlands School in New Westminster.  After graduation, she worked with a new branch of the Provincial Government that was facilitating moving people with complex care needs into the community.  As regional coordinator in the North, she traveled between remote centres including Prince George, Pouce Coupe, Dawson Creek and Fort St. John developing community services for paediatric populations.  She then moved on to regional manager for Vancouver Island, eventually making the change to executive director for the Nanaimo Association for Community Living.  In 1996, she was appointed executive director of RSCL.

Janice’s personal commitment to community living goes well beyond the borders of Richmond.  She is on the advisory boards for both University of British Columbia’s Centre for Citizenship and Inclusion as well as the Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Access Program for People with Disabilities. Janice chairs the board of the Community Social Services Employers Association and serves on the board of directors for the BC CEO Network. Janice also participates as a member of Inclusion BC and the BC Employment Network.


Director of Supported Living, Millie Beckel

Inclusion has always been a way of life for Millie. It was while completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies at Carleton University that the possibility of making a career of it occurred to her.  Taking the bus to University every day, she came to know a person with a disability and found herself supporting him in his efforts to get a job at the school’s cafeteria.  This was to be the first of many successes in developing people’s personal support networks and connecting them to their communities.

After 23 years at Spectrum Society in Vancouver, Millie joined RSCL in 2015.  Her knowledge and passion for aligning individualized services to community living are instrumental in improving everyday life for everyone living in Richmond.

Millie leads the team of people who coordinate RSCL’s Supported Living Program.  This area of RSCL’s service delivery includes, 24/7 staffed homes, Independent Living and Home Share.  She and a team of dedicated leaders in the Supported Living Program strive to ensure that every person has their voice heard and have access to all the supports, connections and resources they need to live the best lives possible. Every staff in the Supported Living Program are empowered to do the best job possible, ensuring that every individuals choosing to live in any of the homes has the opportunity to contribute and participate fully in their community.


Director of Community Supports, Shannon Crofton

For many who receive support from RSCL, Shannon has been there every step of the way.  Shannon started with the organization in 1991 working at Pendleton House which provided respite for children at that time.  Since then Shannon has worked in programs supporting individuals from childhood through every stage of adulthood, and has been active in the growth of programs and supports offered by RSCL.

Shannon believes that the lifelong supports offered by RSCL is what makes the organization unique, but also ensures that individuals and families are encouraged to plan, learn, dream and grow. From supporting a child to learn new skills, to empowering people through the LIFE (Learn, Involve, Focus and Employ) model, Shannon is committed to ensuring that RSCL is there, responding to the changing needs of each individual.

Shannon oversees RSCL’s community inclusion programs for adults – LIFE Day Services, Employment Services, and Outreach – as well as the Family Respite and Family Resource Programs.  Diverse programs with the same goal: to encourage the people we support to live rich, fulfilled lives.


Director of Children’s Services and Quality Assurance, Sue Jones (Graf)

Trained as an early childhood educator, Sue joined RSCL in 1995 as a preschool teacher with Treehouse early Learning Centre. Treehouse was her first experience working with children with additional support needs, and Sue realized immediately that this was her true career path. She is passionate about connecting to children, encouraging their personal growth, choice and decision making and helping them to feel valued.

Sue has first-hand experience about the importance and value of early intervention and lifelong supports for people with developmental disabilities. Many children she taught in preschool are now in adult programs with RSCL and she is inspired daily by who they are and all they contribute to the world. She is motivated to help RSCL staff, families and the community advocate for increased funding for early intervention and supports for children in BC.

Sue was promoted from pre-school teacher to senior counsellor to program manager. In 2007 she was appointed Director of Children’s Services and Quality Assurance, responsible for overseeing the Infant Development Program, Treehouse, Supported Child Development Program, and Youth Connections. She is also responsible for RSCL’s broad Occupational Health and Safety program and ensures that RSCL meets requirements for accreditation by CARF to secure continued funding and ensure program excellence.