Avenues Art Store

To purchase any of the below art pieces, please call 604-276-8685


Best Friends

($45) by Marni Zimmerman


Forever Love

($25) by Meagan Leahy


Void Bechoning

($30) by Michael Wilson-Conn


Music to my Ears

($70) By Brian N


Apple Blossom

($25) by Ryan Li


Forever Green

($60) by Sheryl Jaud



($250) by Grace Tang



($60) by Sophia W


Unity in Diversity

($60) by Shawn May


Music in the Wilderness

($60) by Brian N


Blossoming Bonsai

($45) by Lindsay M



($50) by Kevin Lee



($60) by Katelyn M


True Colours

($60) by Karen Kehoe


Driftwood Autumn Bliss

($60) by Avenues Artists


Cleo's Midnight Rainbow

($150) by Cathy Shannon