Covid-19 Response

RSCL continues to follow the recommendations of the Provincial Health Authority to reduce the spread of the virus, while also ensuring that we fulfill our obligations to our funders and to the individuals and families that we support.

RSCL COVID Expectations-June16-2021

RSCL COVID-19 Safety Plans:

With our Safety Plans in place, we are grateful to our staff, individuals served and their families, our home share providers, contractors and community partners for continuing to do their part to stop the spread of the virus. This includes:

  • All program sites remain closed to visitors. If you need to visit a site, please call in advance to complete a pre-screening.
  • We ask people who may be unwell to stay home until they have confirmed that they do not have the virus.
  • Our Point of Care Risk Assessment is completed twice daily for every individual supported to ensure that our staff have the appropriate PPE to provide direct care.
  • We practice physical distancing as much as possible.
  • Following public heath recommendations, it is our expectation that masks are worn in all public areas.

We have a good inventory of PPE and will maintain a three month supply at all times. Our Emergency Response Team, which includes staff from all program areas, is ready to be deployed and each home has an area identified for donning/doffing PPE should they experience a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a supported living home.

We offer both virtual and face to face supports in all of our programs. This includes facilitating family visits for the individuals in our supported living homes. Where possible, we encourage outdoor meetings and also utilize day program space after hours. We continue to look for additional program space to allow increased capacity.

Please remember We Are All Covid-Accountable – fewer faces and bigger spaces. Together we will stop the spread of COVID-19!

For more information and resources from government and partner agencies, visit the links below. For additional Covid-19 resources click here.

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