Operations Directors

Chief Executive Officer, Shannon Crofton

For many who receive support from RSCL, Shannon has been there every step of the way. Shannon started with the organization in 1991 working at Pendleton House which provided respite for children at that time. Since then Shannon has worked in programs supporting individuals from childhood through every stage of adulthood, and has been instrumental in the growth of programs and supports offered by RSCL.

Shannon believes that the lifelong supports offered by RSCL is what makes the organization unique, but also ensures that individuals and families are encouraged to plan, learn, dream and grow. From supporting a child to learn new skills, to empowering people through Community Inclusion programs, Shannon is committed to ensuring that RSCL is there; providing diverse programs with the same goal – to encourage the people we support to live rich, fulfilled lives.

From January-October, 2020 Shannon served as Acting Executive Director during which time she demonstrated unwavering leadership. She has not only led the organization through an unprecedented health crisis, she has continued to focus on delivering services that make RSCL a leader in the community living sector.

Director of Supported Living, Melissa Irving

Melissa joined the team at RSCL as Director of Supported Living in February 2018. She has proven experience delivering services to diverse populations including those experiencing concurrent disorders, homelessness, addiction, poverty, developmental disabilities, brain injury as well as members of the deaf community.

For more than 15 years Melissa has played a major role in program development and growth of non-profit organizations in a variety of areas including housing first, supported independent living, as well as course based day program and outreach. She is committed to delivering programs that are flexible, individualized and meet the changing needs of the individuals served.

Melissa’s most recent role at Strive Living Society as their Supported Independent Living Manager and her previous experience working in staffed residential programs make her an ideal Director for RSCL’s Support Living program. In her role, Melissa oversees the delivery of a range of housing options for adults with developmental disabilities including Home Share, Independent Living as well as RSCL’s seven supported living homes.

Director of Children’s Services and Quality Assurance, Sue Jones 

Trained as an early childhood educator, Sue joined RSCL in 1995 as a preschool teacher with Treehouse early Learning Centre. Treehouse was her first experience working with children with additional support needs, and Sue realized immediately that this was her true career path. She is passionate about connecting to children, encouraging their personal growth, choice and decision making and helping them to feel valued.

Sue has first-hand experience about the importance and value of early intervention and lifelong supports for people with developmental disabilities. Many children she taught in preschool are now in adult programs with RSCL and she is inspired daily by who they are and all they contribute to the world. She is motivated to help RSCL staff, families and the community advocate for increased funding for early intervention and supports for children in BC.

Sue was promoted from pre-school teacher to senior counsellor to program manager. In 2007 she was appointed Director of Children’s Services and Quality Assurance, responsible for overseeing the Infant Development Program, Treehouse, Supported Child Development Program, and Youth Connections. She is also responsible for RSCL’s broad Occupational Health and Safety program and ensures that RSCL meets requirements for accreditation by CARF to secure continued funding and ensure program excellence.