Employment Services

RSCL Employment Services responds to the desire of individuals living with a developmental disability to pursue employment as a means to full inclusion in our community. At the same time, the program also addresses employers’ growing demand for qualified, reliable employees by providing creative employment solutions, candidate screening and one-to-one support through the hiring and training process.

Employers who choose to hire an individual with a developmental disability demonstrate their commitment to our community and to diversity in the workplace. They benefit by hiring an enthusiastic individual who is capable and dependable. RSCL Employment Services helps employers identify opportunities for improved efficiency and employee retention and matches specific needs with individuals who are willing and able to work.

Individuals who wish to become employed identify the types of work that they find of interest, and RSCL Employment Specialists survey the Richmond labour market for suitable employment opportunities. RSCL staff also look for possibilities to “job carve” specific responsibilities from an existing position or multiple positions in order to create a suitable employment opportunity for the individual. Once an employment opportunity is found, RSCL staff members support the individual through the application, interview, orientation and training process. RSCL staff continue to liaise with the employee, the employer and his/her business to ensure long-term success.