Home Share Provider Wanted

Home Share matches a skilled caregiver with an individual with a developmental disability to share living space and help facilitate as much independence as possible. It is an opportunity for an individual to develop skills within the home and build relationships in their community.

The Home Share Provider supports an adult with developmental disabilities to pursue activities independently from their family, much like most adults in the community. The goal is to create and develop social networks for the individual they are supporting and build awareness and inclusion in the community.

Currently, we’re looking for an experienced caregiver who can support a very energetic young man living with Autism.  This individual requires full-time support including personal care in the home.  He attends a full-time day program Monday thru Friday and also receives respite hours. He occasionally communicates his needs using 1 to 3 word phrases and may need verbal/visual cues.  A communication tool is currently being developed. This individual’s day to day experiences vary.  He is sensitive to environmental stimulation. He works well when able to go at his own pace and is given choice and clear expectations.  Once a relationship of trust is established, this individual can be quite endearing.  This contract is to commence August 22, 2019.

Caregiver Screening Process:

NOTE:  Home Share Providers are not employees of RSCL.  They are independent contractors providing a service. RSCL staff and their spouses cannot apply to be a Home Share Provider.

  • Potential caregivers will be assessed based on their philosophy of community inclusion; practical caregiving skills; flexibility in meeting specific needs; physical appropriateness of their home; family dynamics; availability to provide serve; and ability to meet the conditions of the contract.

Conditions of Contract:

  • Legal age 19 years +
  • Richmond resident
  • Resume, and application
  • Written and personal interviews
  • Safety visit
  • 3 references ( 1 employer and 2 character)
  • Physician’s reference form
  • Clear Criminal Record Check (in addition, any other persons living in the home over age 18 are also required)
  • Current First Aid and CPR Certificate
  • ICBC Record Search, and copy of driver’s licence
  • Vehicle and home insurance
  • Worksafe coverage
  • Home study

When a caregiver has been screened and approved, the caregiver will have an orientation and the matching process can commence. If you are interested in becoming a Home Share provider please contact the Home Share Manager:  Shawna Takahashi 604 279 8470 or email stakahashi@rscl.org