I Am Voting

I Am Voting I Am Voting2

Richmond Society for Community Living is pleased to be supporting the “I Am Voting: BC Election 2017” initiative.

Every adult supported by our organization has the right to vote in the provincial election May 9. Over the next few months, we’ll be helping individuals and families to better understand their rights and responsibilities to vote and get involved in the political process.

Join us on www.facebook.com/IAmVotingBCElection2017/

RSCL is a founding partner of this province-wide campaign to support people with disabilities, their families and supporters to vote in the May 9, 2017 provincial election.

Did you know that everyone who is 18 years of age and older and has lived in BC for the last 6 months has the right to vote?   This includes the adults supported by RSCL.

Our voices matter! Our votes matter! Find out more at http://iamvoting.arts.ubc.ca