Independent Living

Independent Living supports individuals to live in their own community, with the needed supports to ensure long-term success. The service is based on the specific needs of each individual supported, and works to create a clear and strong natural support system in his/her community. Independent Living provides opportunities and supports for people with developmental disabilities to have choice regarding where they live so that they can attain and maintain a happy and healthy life.

Independent Living promotes skill development and independence through supports based on the needs of each person served to ensure safety and full community inclusion. The goal is to provide life skills development for those choosing independent living to help them understand nutritional options, healthy shopping, cooking, banking etc. so they can lead healthy lifestyles.

At the same time, individuals are supported to develop social networks among their peers, their neighbours, families and the broader community. In this way, the service is designed to provide support to the broadest number of people, in the most  efficient manner possible, while still maintaining individual preference and choice. The service is also designed to allow for the supports offered by staff to gradually fade where appropriate.