LIFE Day Services
Learn – Involve – Focus – Employ

LIFE Day Services offers program participants the opportunity for social inclusion, recreation, creative expression, life skills development, volunteerism and employment. With a goal toward skill development, participants engage in and contribute to their community through four LIFE Day Services program sites in Richmond.

LIFE Day Services staff support participants to access existing community programs and services such as fitness classes, transit, volunteer placements and employment opportunities. In addition, each of the four LIFE Day Services sites specializes in specific goal areas including art, life skills, employment or recreation. Individuals supported are assigned to a “home site” and travel to community programs and other RSCL sites according to their interests. Each program site draws on the unique skills and abilities of the staff to help participants develop relationships and achieve specific goals.

LIFE  Day Services includes Outreach Services to individuals who have a developmental disability who are seeking to enrich their lives in community through increased community access and community connections. Outreach Services supports individuals to explore people and places in community where they can share their gifts, make contributions and enjoy healthy relationships with community members.