Mission and Vision

Richmond Society for Community Living (RSCL) provides innovative services that respond to the changing needs of individuals living with a developmental disability, and their families, over the course of their lives. We celebrate the unique gifts of the people we serve and support their inclusion as valued members in the community. We are leaders, partners and advocates with reach beyond Richmond.

RSCL is dedicated to:

  • Seeing beyond disability to ability;
  • Providing programs and services that are nurturing, and encourage personal growth, choice and decision making;
  • Informing, educating, involving and motivating others to understand and support the rights of people with disabilities to live, work and belong in our community;
  • Recognizing that individuals and their families are key; and
  • Fostering and facilitating innovative ideas.

Our vision is a welcoming and connected community where everyone belongs. Each person is confident sharing their gifts and contributions; living rich and fulfilled lives.