Outreach Services

Outreach Services facilitates individuals with a developmental disability to make connections in the community which allows them to achieve full community inclusion and an improved sense of belonging. Outreach Services provides customizable support to individuals who are seeking to enrich their lives through an improved social network, increased community access and enhanced community connections.

The program focuses on helping individuals build the life they want to lead by exploring opportunities to find the types of connections and activities that fit. This can include making new friends, enrolling in community groups, clubs, and activities, and accessing generic and specialized services to match their interests. Outreach Services supports each individual, at their own pace, while helping individuals to stretch and grow in a self-directed fashion. It is designed to support individuals to access different opportunities that meet their needs right now and can also serve as a jumping off point for new opportunities.

Youth Evening Social (YES!)

With funding from Coast Capital Savings, RSCL introduced the weekly Youth Evening Social (YES!) in 2012. The goal of YES! is to encourage the development of life skills and practice building respectful relationships through consistent and reliable programming.

Participants are encouraged to practice social skills through regular, planned activities which are facilitated by program staff. YES! allows young people who have difficulty fitting in either in the typical community or in other programs designed for people with disabilities to develop social skills and networks in the community which will lead to decreased isolation and depression and an improved sense of belonging.

YES! groups are offered three times each year with funding support from Coast Capital Savings. Participation is free, however pre-registration is required as wait-lists may exist. For more information please contact Denise Abegg  by email at dabegg@rscl.org or 604-279-8480.